City on a Hill

How cruel it is to let people remain in darkness through a fear of losing our own popularity. On what multitudes of subjects are people injuring both their bodies and their souls for lack of correct information. And how shameful and cruel it is for those who have the true light, to hide it.

When I found this quote, it really stuck with me. I’ve been thinking over the past week about how I can live in the world, yet not of the world, and be a witness of the Gospel. Any suggestions?

I think it’s a struggle for me not to be judgmental or self righteous about the sinful things of the world. I forget how sinful I really am and how much I have been saved from, and instead I focus on other peoples’ sins and how they need to change.

It’s hard to be a light to the world when you care what people think of you. I freeze up when there’s an opportunity to share the Gospel because I care what the person I’m talking to thinks of me. (Which is baloney, because I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!) The other day, one of the girls on my swim team injured herself. As I was leaving and hugging her, I said, “I’ll pray for you.” It wasn’t much, but those four words were one of the hardest sentences I’ve spoken! After I had said it, I realized that if she saw a difference in me because of those words, what she thought of me wouldn’t matter at all. My purpose is not to care what this world thinks of me. My purpose is to glorify God, and by being a witness to people, I am doing that.

Now I pray that God would help me to share the Gospel and to be a light.

Day by day we should weigh what we have granted to the world against what we have denied to Jesus, in thought and especially in deed.

I definitely need Jesus’s help in this, and I know he will guide my words and actions when opportunities come for me to share the Gospel with people.


2 thoughts on “City on a Hill

  1. I’ll be praying for you Megan!! That the Holy Spirit will help you to be a light to others in their darkness, and that those people would accept the One who can cleanse them of their sins.

    I’ve also been thinking about this lately, but I actually don’t really have any places where I’m with non-Christians. Could you pray that God would send some people in my life that I could share the good news to, if its His will? ’cause that would be appreciated, haha. :) love you Megann!!

    • In youth group we have been talking about sharing the gospel. I have to admit, it’s a scary thought for me too! I worry what people will think of me. I’ll have to pray about it :)

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