On Change and Chances

I’ve been thinking a lot about change recently, due to several circumstances in my life right now. Sometimes it’s just so hard to accept change and trust God’s plan. I guess I’m really realizing how much I’ve forgotten about how this world isn’t my home.

Starting with accepting change. I often want to curl up with my head in the sand and hibernate until the changes are over. But sadly, that’s not an option. So… what do I do? I mean, I know God’s in control and all that, but how does that help me day-to-day? Here’s how:

1. I learn to lean on God for everything, not just the “big” stuff.

2. I trust that His plan will come through in the end, because (duhrrr) it will.

3. I ask Him for contentment and faith in him.

I think the words “trusting God” are important. Because they’re the backbone of EVERYTHING we believe. Without trusting God, we would never believe in creation, or that the Bible was true. So, since we know that is true, then we know that he is in control. It’s circular. We trust God. We believe the Bible. The Bible says that He’s in control and to trust him. We trust God. Etc.

I’m finally realizing that God’s plan is perfect and it’s for my good. I’ve got to trust Him.

Next, on chances. Change offers us an opportunity to change our lives. To start trusting God every day, all the time.

So change is like a forest fire. The fire rages and destroys everything in it’s path, but it provides fertile ground for new plants and often, forest fires provide more benefits to the area than they destroy. Changes come with chances.


One thought on “On Change and Chances

  1. That was really good Megan. And helpful…(since also I’ve been experiencing a LOT of changes.) Thank you! :)

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