June Bugs

I need to write more often! It’s been over a month! I’m gonna try to write Mondays and Wednesdays, or something like that; two days a week.

This month [June] has been quite busy! My grandparents visited, then my other grandparents visited, then I had drama camp. We performed the musical “Dear Edwina Jr.” Although the premise of the musical is childish and kind of dumb, it was still rather fun. I played the part of Mary Sue Betty Bob, a hillbilly farmer. My sister was Edwina, the bossy main character. 

“Put it in the Piggy with me” Me and ‘Farmer Jerry’.

The whole cast together after the song “Edwina”.

Earlier in the month I attended a concert by FairFox, a boy band that is composed of some friends from my choir and church. They are releasing an EP called “Running in Silence” next month. It was fun. 

The concert.

Some pretty summer flowers.

I can’t believe it’s already July! June passed soooo quickly! June 14 was my one year anniversary with my house. Wow. June 22 was my four year anniversary of moving to Minnesota (moved away in 2010.) Time passes so quickly.

Can’t wait for fireworks on Wednesday!


Had my second Synthesis bible study group today. We’re going through Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Summary of Bible Doctrine by Louis Berkhof. I’m learning so much and really enjoying the books.

Pinterest is cool.

I’m going to Dairy Queen today.

I get my braces off Thursday. FINALLY after 3 1/2 years. YAYYY!!!


Today you won’t hear any profound statements from me. I’m in need of caffeine and a long nap. :)

Well that’s all for today. Hope your summers are going well!


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