Best Week of Our Lives…

This past week (Sunday 7/22- Friday 2/27) I was gone at Patrick Henry College’s journalism camp. As you can see from my post title, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in a long time.

I met so many amazing people and got to reunite surprisingly with an old friend from MN that I hadn’t seen for..oh.. four years? Wow! Anyway, I made so many great, deep relationships and we were really able to encourage and pray for each other. The people I met were awesome <3 Before I went to camp, PHC wasn’t on my college list, but it is now!

I arrived at the college late Sunday afternoon and was slightly weirded out because not very many people were there, but then I went to my room in the dorm and met my roommates, Danielle and Stephanie. These girls were amazing friends over the week. I miss them! Hilariously, the gal I used to know in MN, Callie, was in my wing in the room next door! Her roommate was Lindsay, who looked a lot like me, people said. The girls in my wing were so amazing and Godly. We stayed up at night talking about deep things and praying for each other and for other people at the camp. It was a great experience.

Journalism camp was a heavily structured affair. Every morning starting at 8:30 we would have class until lunch. After lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had press releases about a fantastical story on terrorist threats to the Olympics. At night we played games and stuff to compete to earn points for our teams. Since our team had only 9 people, we lost. :/ On Thursday, the whole journalism camp (18 students) traveled to DC to the Newseum. It was a wonderful trip. Out of the 6 floors in the Newseum, we only covered floors 1, 4, 5, and 6. It was so cool! I highly recommend it. After the Newseum in the morning, we ate lunch on the mall looking at all the sights. After lunch, we had 4 choices of other sights to see: the National Archives, the Art Musem, the Museum of Natural History (which I chose) and one other place that I can’t remember. After this fun-filled day, we drove back to PHC (an hour-long drive) and everyone slept in the car. On Friday was our deadline for our newspapers.

Every student in journalism was divided into 4 groups, their Newspaper groups. My group had 5 people. (left to right: Callie (different that MN), Phebe, Me, Brady, and Levi.)

My group was so awesome! We had tons of fun together. Our newspaper won Best Design Award thanks to Phebe and also Best Overall Paper!! I contributed two articles- one on the Debate camp that was occurring simultaneously with ours and one on the “Olympic terrorist threat”. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to email the finished products to myself *facepalm* oh, well.

I thought that pictures could tell the story better than words {picture’s worth a thousand, and all that.} so here goes:

from left to right: Lindsay, Andy, Graeme, Me, Callie, Levi, Danielle, Pascal, and Jordan. Great group of people!

I miss my friends but I know God has a plan </3    Needless to say, it was such a fun time and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it! I will definitely try to go back next year.




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