Monday Musings: Living

Today I read a “devotional entry” from Becky Toew’s blog (my speech&comp teacher–   She asks, “Who are we living for?” And I was thinking over this, thinking, are we living for ourselves, or for Christ? Jesus’ call to us was not one of, “Come follow me, but you can still have all the other things you want.” No, in fact, Jesus called us to drop everything for him. I know that I often fail to do this. Most of the time, I forget so easily what my purpose is. I turn from Christ alone and start to follow other things. I know those things will never satisfy me. The grace of God is all-sufficient for everything I need. Because He loved me first, I am able to love and live for him. Lord, help me to love you.

Crazy Love is a good book. You should definitely read it.

The past few weeks have been rather hectic. I started my sophomore year officially (woohoo) 2 weeks ago in addition to many rehearsals for Shakespeare’s “A  Midsummer Night’s Dream” in which I play Helena. For more information, contact me. (

School is going well. It’s a rather large load this year. Plus I’m taking Chemistry, which doesn’t get along with me very well. :) I’m beginning to journal because a friend convinced me to. haha :)

In other areas, some fashion/pinterest things that caught my eye: I’m longing for fall. Sweaters, and leaves, and hot chocolate… warmth. cozy. layers. scarves. coats. I like the “leggings with sweaters” thing. But I don’t like wearing leggings alone. Maybe black jeans instead :)

 I know these are the legs of a 12 year old Boy Scout… but I like the look of the socks. Even if it does look like I should be wearing a neckerchief with it.

 I own these boots now!!!! (YAY)

And.. I really REally REALLY want this shirt. I love it. :)

Coming up on the blog:

fall food recipes • Fashion DIY (maybe.) • Some outfits and stuff • and, as always, deep thoughts from Megan. ;)

Have a lovely week, y’all.


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