I Am Thankful For

I am SO thankful for:

God’s grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, The freedom to Worship, My sister, My mom, my dad, friends in MN, friends in VA, friends in PA, Shakespeare, Last-minute sleepovers, last-minute coffee runs at 11 pm, hope, blonde hair, LAPA, TWESC, friends, HATS, my room, cookies, ice cream, Friends who pray for me when I’m nervous, Friends I can pray for, Hugs, joy, peace, love, my family (extended and immediate), pictures, paint, airplanes, clothes, food, cutting hair ;), watching movies, music, theatre, people, computers, prayer, laughter, humor, my crazy-hee-haw-donkey laugh, sunglasses, God removing the stress from me, singing and praying together, a house, a church, the people in my church, the pastors, Christ and his amazing, CRAZY love, Crazy Love (the book), the Bible, History, schoolwork ;), writing, movie marathons, missing people, praising God, BOOKS, BOOKS, and more books!, this blog, cameras, ipods, music, musicals, CLCHM, muffins, cake, awkward and embarrassing mistakes, awkwardness, hilarious ideas, stupid ideas, laughing at myself, singing with friends, driving with the windows down, birthday scavenger hunts, hanging out with friends, photoshoots with Ashley, painting my nails, being myself, being hyper after expresso beans, eye-contact communication, inside jokes, braids, once again God’s love and sacrifice.


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