On October

On Wednesday, a group of us from LAPA went to NYC to see Newsies on Broadway!! It was absolutely phenomenal. In the morning before the show, we had a workshop with 2 of the actors! After the show, some people went to the NYC library (amazing!) and Grand Central. I had a wonderful time talking with friends. It’s wonderful to be able to talk about fun stuff and also have this great thing in common that we are adopted children of God. I wish that we talked about God more than we do. Why don’t we talk about Him more often? I mean, he’s the whole reason we live, isn’t he?

Some pics:

The end. Carrying the Banner/Finale <3


Then last night (Friday) the Shakespeare cast party was at my house. We played ping-pong, ate, sang, talked, played games… It was really fun. I really enjoyed singing Coldplay and other songs with the musical guys :) haha. I sang the Scientist and we sang other songs. It was really fun. We just hung out. It was easy, you know what I mean? When you can have people over and not think anything of it, and be comfortable with each other, and all that? I like that.

I got a long long letter from a friend on Tuesday, and I wrote back. You know who you are. :) I love receiving written correspondence.

It’s getting colder. Finally! Tomorrow is gonna be 45. :D


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