Links ‘n’ Things: 10-12-12

And now it’s time for Links ‘n’ Things with Megan, the part of the show where Megan comes out and types… a silly link. (Well, not all of them are silly.) (If you didn’t get the Veggie Tales reference… watch this … That brings back memories. Aw.. I loved the I love my lips one. :) Anyway.)

Biden vs. Ryan… how ’bout dem apples? Biden was interrupting a bunch. Ryan was a way more composed and practiced speaker. He made Biden look bad ;) here is the full hour-and-a-half: the Vice Presidential Debate

Fox News evaluates Biden’s incorrigible smile and edgy manners: here … and More on Biden’s silly debate manners from last night: Biden needs to grow up before he gets older

Moss Graffiti? Way cool!

These similarities between Rome and America are very interesting and rather frightening. I wrote a compare/contrast paper last year on this topic. The Roman Empire fascinates me.

So encouraging: Jesus Understands Loneliness

I need this one: styling tips for fine hair

why are these free people leggings so expensive! I’ve been searching for Fair Isle print leggings/tights/socks/anything! for so long, but I can’t find them anywhere! I’d think they would be more popular/”in vogue”. Oh well… I’m kinda infatuated with Fair Isle print… why don’t they make this sweater in girls?!?! Oh wait.. I would buy it anyway.

I’m playing Belle 2 (Fred’s Wife) in Lancaster Academy’s version of “A Christmas Carol” Come and see it in December!

Anyway.. I think this is all for Links ‘n’ Things! other than…my puppy fell asleep in my lap a few minutes ago. So presh ;) haha.


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