Wednesday Musings: Well, now…

How ’bout dem apples? This election was rather surprising, but I knew this would happen. Another four years of wondering what in tarnation God is doing.

“Well,” you are asking, “what is God doing?”

Well, Ultimately, God is glorifying himself. A friend of mine said this;

“God never promised to work for America’s good. he DID say that he will always be working to bring himself glory. and when God is glorified, his people benefit. the nation of Israel went through some very bad stretches in the OT as God’s chosen people, but they survived. Indeed, the only reason God singled them out and led them as he did was for his glory, and that his name would be known among the nations. that’s worth suffering for.”

There are three things we can be sure of.
1. God will glorify himself no matter what.
2. God will work out everything for the Christian’s good.
3. God’s plan is far better and far greater than we can imagine.

So when you’re thinking, “God, what are you doing?!” just remember those three truths. God has been faithful countless times before, and he will be again.

What should we do?

Just because God will work everything for good, though, doesn’t mean that we as Christians should idly stand by and let things happen. As God’s people, we are called to be a light in this world. We are called to shine our light everywhere; to impact people around us and to spread the Gospel wherever we are.

Every nation in history has had bad rulers. Seriously, there are no nations that have had all good rulers and hunky-dory times. Every nation has a period of time when there seems to be no hope. The good thing is, a lot of those nations pulled through. It took drastic measures, but they endured.

So, this is not the end.

There is still hope for change, as long as the people of America have a will. The ancient Roman historian Livy said, “An empire remains powerful so long as its subjects rejoice in it”. If the American people can change America, she might not fall as Rome did.

God works in mysterious ways. Whatever he is doing, he will not let his people go.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Musings: Well, now…

  1. Way to go Meg! What a beautifully expressed response to the woeful news of this election. As my friends texted me in tears last night, I kept replying, “Pray fervently” for this country. I am proud of you, my cousin.

  2. We just had a retreat with my church where we talked about suffering (which I fear we’re in for) and talked a lot about God’s glory. Comforting when you have a Godly viewpoint… Way to go cuz!

  3. Great post, Megan, I think you’re absolutely right. This election has called King Ahab to my mind a lot today. This man was appointed by God to be the ruler of His people, even though the Bible says that he did more evil in the sight of the Lord than all of his forefathers. And yet, as evil as he was, and despite the incredible amount of oppression on those who loved and followed God, the name of the Lord was glorified and made known in remarkable ways over and over and over again during Ahab’s reign. And look at the end of 1 Kings 21, verses 25-29. As terribly wicked as Ahab was, he was not beyond God’s forgiveness. Neither is our president.

  4. What an amazing post ! Your dear G’mom sent me over to read it as I have felt a bit dejected since Tuesday night. Thank you for reminding me and getting my thinking back on track!
    thank you for the little lesson! ♥

  5. Meghan, you are a very insightful young lady and I know our Lord is very proud of your love and inspiration that you share with others! I am a friend of your Grandmother :)

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