Wednesday Musings: Grateful

I know it’s rather cliche to post about Thanksgiving and giving thanks and being grateful and all that stuff… but I’m going to anyway!

God has really been giving me so many things. He’s helping me to become more grateful. I’m so blessed to have the life that I have. Even the fact that I’m ALIVE is something to be grateful for!

So, in memoriam, I am going to list 100 things that I’m grateful for. Just small, seemingly unimportant things, so don’t expect a profound statement… join me in giving thanks for everyday things. Every once in a while, we need to sit down and list out things we’re thankful for. I was surprised that I could come up with so many- but then, I have a LOT to be thankful for!

1. the Cross (not mundane. So wonderful. Gahhhh! Jesus, thank you!!)
2. God’s faithfulness
3. my family
4. my friends
5. last-minute plans with friends
6. sleepovers where we talk and watch movies
7. books
8. church
9. my youth group
10. school
11. ability to do school
12. HATS
13. music
14. LAPA
15. musicals
16. plays
17. ability to sing and act
18. a house
19. clothes
20. being able to buy things
21. Christmas
22. swimming!
23. that I can swim
24. ability to be fit
25. racing to see who’s faster :)
26. friends
27. my dog Lucy
28. a yard
29. wide windowsills
30. coffee
31. curling up with a book or movie
32. chai tea
33. late nights
34. early mornings
35. food
36. desert
37. ability to make desert
38. spontaneity
39. photographs
40. movies and TV
41. gift of having a TV
42. ideas
43. creativity
44. journaling
45. having people over
46. going to people’s houses
47. being treated like an adult
48. being allowed to have coffee
49. family vacations
50. hiking
60. Jesus
61. that God would even think to love ME
62. the Bible
63. people who care about me
64. people who care about others
65. busy days
66. free stuff
67. ice cream
68. authors who’ve written great books (no offense, but not Twilight. :) )
69. funny people
70. jokes
80. chocolate
81. cousins
82. watching Newsies
83. friends that can make fun of me :)
84. dinners with friends
85. friends who look and act like my sisters
86. when I get an “AHA!” moment
87. pictures
88. encouraging words
89. that facebook post that encourages me at just the right time
90. friends that I’ll see in heaven
91. rejoicing when someone is blessed
92. praying for other people
93. screaming with joy when someone I’d prayed for was saved <3
94. rehearsal
95. our silly LAPA play rehearsal moments… :)
96. dancing (albeit badly)
97. blue skies
98. sunrise, sunset (Fiddler on the Roof, anyone? :) )
99. that America is so free. I can read my Bible and go to church and pray without someone coming in and shooting me.
100. sunny cold days

Thank you God. You’re the One I want to live for. Please help me to do that!fall leaves. (I’m thankful for those, too.)


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Musings: Grateful

  1. megan! thank you for this post. i was actually just looking at your blog the other day, and it is SO encouraging to me. i’m praying for you my friend.<3 i am super thankful for you. :)

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