Monday Musings: Oh, my.

Oh, my.

Christmas Carol was so amazing. My heart is just so full of gratitude and wonder at God’s love and the really, really great people I’ve got as friends. I’ve tried and tried to express how I feel with words, and no words come! I’m speechless at God’s provision and the love he’s given me for others, and others for me. I am so, so, so, so, so, did I say, SOOO thankful!!

I’ve had a hard time, some of you might know. (Read my first blog post.) My life has had some painful change and I’ve really struggled. I’ve been lonely, friendless, left out, cried so many tears, been bitter and angry. But never once did I ever walk alone. Never once did God leave me on my own. He has provided SO much for me.

I just realized yesterday that I have never felt what it is like to have such true, deep, loving friendships! Now that I know what that feels like, I hope I never forget the pain I’ve felt. If I forget what it feels like to be excluded and lonely, I won’t be able to reach out to other people. I don’t want to be a person who forgets to love the lonely. I want to love everyone, because God loves them more.

In the end, Lord, you are the one who matters! Thank you so much for the love and grace you have given me! Please bless everyone. Thank you for the love you have given me. Thank you for filling my heart with YOU. Oh, God, you are so great and greatly to be praised.


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