Monday Musings: New Year

Another year passed. Wow, it feels so short! So much has happened. I’ve changed so much, my world, the world, has changed. My friends, my family, my whole life has changed so much since last year! (More on that later.)

The year in {internet} review:


3 Favorite Posts (mine):


One Day

Well, now


3 Favorite Links (linked on mine):

The Alot

Blob vs. Baby

Moss Graffiti


3 Favorite Pins (mine):



Northernness (board)


3 Favorite Blogs/Websites (not mine, duh):

A Beautiful Mess


A Mad Tea Party

and I just had to include Somewhere Over the Rainbow


3 Favorite Bands/Songs:

Anything Coldplay, really, anything


Let the Waters Rise, by Mikeschair


3 Favorite Events:

all the shows and time with friends! <3

free time, when I can get it :)

the family trip to MN. love that place.


Well, I think that’s all. Have a W O N D E R F U L New Years!


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