Travel Tuesday: Nepal


Nepal is officially a federal republic, with a president and a few governmental checks and balances. Nepal’s language is Nepali, with over 103 languages spoken in the country.

It is bordered by the Himalayas in the North and plains in the South.

Until 1990, Nepal was a monarchy. However, a violent civil war merged her into a federal republic. It is borderline communist (socialist).

Literacy rate is about 65%. Health, especially in rural areas, is less than desirable.

Most Nepalis are hindu or Buddhist. Only 1% is Christian.

Nepali culture is beautiful and distinct. Their food is spicy, with elements of Asian and Indian food.

I want to go here because I like mountains. and it’s pretty. In addition, Nepal is not necessarily a tourist spot. I like to explore the unexplored. oh, and, the given, that the people of Nepal need Jesus… :) I want to go here. Very much so.


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