Monday Musings: My Favorite…

Well, I wrote a speech for speech class on my favorite room decor, which happens to be the pictures of all my friends. Thanks for listening to my ramblings today.

Catharine from Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen says “There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” Like Catharine from Northanger Abbey, I have many good friends that I love with all my heart. A few months ago I joined Shutterfly, a photo sharing website that gives you discounts on printing pictures. They gave me 101 free pictures and I put them to good use, plastering the wall above my bed with pictures of my friends and me. They are my favorite decoration in my room

First, I like these pictures because they are colorful and they look really good in my room. I like when my room looks nice, and therefore I enjoy decorating my room. When I decorate, I organize and re-organize my pictures. When I organize my pictures, they look nice on my wall. When they look nice on my wall, I am happy. And when I’m happy, God often leads me to him. And this brings us to my second point.

The second and main reason these pictures are my favorite is because they are a daily reminder of God’s provision. Before this year, I didn’t really have friends. I’d moved a whole bunch, hadn’t really experienced true friendship. The first time I truly experienced the concept of friends was after the show “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with the Lancaster Academy for the performing arts. During shows I experienced true kinship. Like Anne of Green Gables, I had found “kindred spirits”. After the show, I was overcome by God’s love and mercy, and saw that he had provided these friends. It was only him that would ever give me that feeling of kindred spirits. The pictures on my wall look down on me throughout my day and tell me that I’m not alone in this world.

Third, I love these pictures because they are a daily reminder of my friends. I like to pray for my friends and these pictures remind me to do that. They also document memorable times and shared experiences with my friends.When I see the pictures of the good times we’ve shared, it makes me smile and thank God for the friends he’s given me.

In the end then, the pictures on my wall always point me back to God.They are colorful. They are reminders of God’s provision.They remind me of the great friendships I have. I am continually awed by the gifts God has given me and I hope you are realizing day by day what gifts he has given you.

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