Weekend Writings: On Life… and Stuff…

The King and I is in full swing. Rehearsing every night this week. Which means, a) I get to see people, b) I get to do a great show, c) I have something every night, and d) I’m busy. Busy. Busy.

Plus, I have schoolwork and music stuff, etc, etc, and so forth. I don’t think it’ll be as stressful because I don’t have a test and 3 essays the week of the show like I did for the past 2 shows (thank goodness!)

My to-do list for the next month:

1. Watch Phantom of the Opera
2. exercise (with swimming over, I shall not be content to sit on my bum!)
3. purge my closet
4. practice violin more
5. practice being lady-like (as in: classy, Audrey Hepburn-esque :)
6. read 3 classics
7. read CS Lewis books
8. get my hair cut (?)


Have a nice weekend! and ReLaX! :)




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