Wednesday Words: Prometheus Bound {Aeschylus}

With the long chine I burnt, and mortals guided
To a mysterious art; of fire-eyed signs,
I purged the vision, over-filmed before.
Such were the boons I gave; and ‘neath the earth
Those other helps to men, concealed which lie,
Brass, iron, silver, gold, who dares affirm
That before me he had discovered them?
No one, I know, but who would idly vaunt.
The sum of all learn thou in one brief word;
All arts to mortals from Prometheus came.
Such cunning works for mortals I contrived,
Yet, hapless, for myself find no device
To free me from this present agony.

~Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

Ancient poetry. For me, these words are beautiful. I don’t know why exactly, as it takes great mind-power to understand them, but I find a simple prettiness in them, like the Northernness thing (see post Here )

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