Monday/Tuesday Musings/Travels: Breakaway!

This weekend I was privileged enough to attend a youth retreat, Breakaway, with my church and several other PCA churches. It was an amazing time.

My favorite parts of Breakaway were hanging out for so long together, talking to friends, the sessions, which convicted and encouraged me, tubing, etc. The whole weekend was my favorite!

The car ride up on Friday was so fun. We listened to music at volume 45, ouch. We had flashing Christmas lights and the guys in the back shook the car, ouch. “What’s a blonde joke?” “Megan!” hardee har har…

On Saturday, we had a session in the morning and hung out. I gave my testimony at the morning session. I think it went well, but I was very nervous. I’m praying God works through me despite my jitteriness though. My church is really cool. We always yell “EYYYY!” to each other. Everyone tolerates our noise (thanks guys!) On Saturday night there was another session then Coffeehouse, where the churches did skits. Also on Saturday night, 4 of us Wheatlanders went “night tubing”. It was fun.

On Sunday, we had a session like church in the morning then had specific church time with our respective churches. Our church shared things that Jesus would address, would he see us at the well like the woman in John 4. It was a time that I could really feel God moving. On Sunday night we had another session. (It’s a Scout!!) :)

The car ride back on Sunday night was a really good time too. “Coach” shared a “farewell” speech with us that was really very true and deep with some good advice for everyone. He told us to respect our authorities, treat each other as we would want to be treated, and step up and lead. I was encouraged. Then, two more people spoke, one on what each person in the car was like an animal (I’m a dolphin…) and the other on why he enjoyed the company of the people in the car. Then I gave a pathetic┬áspeech/sentence on how it is changing churches and moving, etc.

I could really feel God moving. In worship, I wasn’t afraid to worship openly. I had feared before we went that I would feel nervous or self-conscious while sharing my testimony, but God was so faithful! I hope he used it to speak to people and I hope that my responses glorified him, not myself. The sessions really spoke to me and I was super duper encouraged by the blossoming friendships I have.

I had been feeling discouraged with several things regarding faith, friendships, etc. The retreat so spoke to me, it was like God was trying to tell me, “Hey, I’ve got it covered.” The sessions were so important to me and several of them hit right where I was struggling. Also, the ways I saw God work in my friendships were so, so encouraging. I had been feeling discouraged from casual, shallow-er friendships and this weekend I feel like they were really deepened. I am so thankful for the friends that God has given me.

Shout out to you guys. EYYYY! :)IMG_2553


Weekend Writings

Getting ready to go on a youth retreat for 2 and 1/2 days! I’m really excited! It’s going to be my first one since moving here!

Pray that God would work wonderfully in the youth and in the leaders.

Pray for safety and peace while we’re there.

Pray for me, because I’m sharing about a time that “God is great, so I don’t have to be in control.” I know I’ll mess up and I know it’s not perfectly written, and I only want people to see God, not me. I really, really don’t want people to see me speaking…haha… Pray that God would speak, not me. Also, that God would get all the glory, not me.

Pray that God would send His Spirit and make us come alive with passion for Him and His work.

Pray that God would make us know His presence and that we would feel him moving and working.

Pray for miraculous growth in our hearts.

Above all, pray that God would get all the glory for the work he does, and that we would get none, but give it all to him.