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Weekend Writings: Vintage

For Christmas, my grandparents gave my parents a bunch of old pictures on a CD. I, being the lover of old stuff that I am, promptly downloaded several of them (there were 10,900, so not all of them :) )

My great-grandma in the 1930s. Isn’t she gorgeous? Wish I looked like her, haha :)

my great grandparents in the 30s or early 40s. so cute :)39-06-034
my great-great(?) grandad in the 1910s201JewellWoodCirca1916

My great grandma, my two great-uncles, and the little girl is my grandma! 52-02-002

my granddad and grandma in 1966

my grandma is the teenage girl 2nd from left with her family (my great grandparents)

my mom and her little brother when he was born. so cute :)

me and my little sister when she was born :) wasn’t I adorable? :)

And finally, in closing, this one from the 1800s is my favorite. From left to right top row: we have ma, pa, daughter and husband, bottom row: gramps and gran, another daughter, and finally, crazy old uncle Bill, who still thinks he’s in the Civil War. He is holding an ax and a knife, and has rounds of ammo…


Anyway, looking at these pictures amused me for several hours. Especially sorting through 10,900 pictures… but I could look at this old stuff for hours. We have a trunk in our basement full of old artifacts from various relatives from the 1900s. I guess this just shows I love history :)

Have a good weekend!