Monday Musings: Best 12 (13) of 2012

I like to gather 12 or 13 pictures to represent my year. This year, I went through my photos and found 13 pictures that perfectly represented the year 2012. Enjoy.

IMG_4793I have so enjoyed getting to know this girl better this year!

DSCN1104February- Went to see wicked

DSCN1207March- kind of boring, went to see the Hunger Games with some pals

IMG_1472April- Easter in VA with these guys

379195_311839158901828_100002272390229_714745_385664044_nMay- FABULOUS trip to MN to see these besties

IMG_1797Dear Edwina- June- the only major event

528678_490213164340814_980649278_nJuly- PHC camp, met some great friends

IMG_2220August- mission to Reading with some adorable kiddos

251678_351413164944978_1462577148_nSeptember- A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena)

IMG_2434October- went to see Newsies!

IMG_5113November- some beautiful, fun friends

380624_438774706177222_1994553832_nDecember- A Christmas Carol (Ensemble, Fred’s Wife)

251025_381085328644428_353689989_nDecember- some great youth group friends

This year has been such a blessed one! I like to find an area of growth, an area that needs work, and an area of blessing for each year. This past year, I grew in wanting to know God more and my faith, etc. I need to work on my kindness, thinking before I speak, and not being self-righteous/judgemental. I’ve been hugely blessed in the area of friendships and opportunities. I’ve hung out with so many people and gotten to know so many amazing friends. I pray that these friendships continue to develop and grow deeper in the Lord this coming year.

10 Really Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

I was experimenting with my hair today and I came up with 10 different styles for long hair. I tried to put in a slideshow but it didn’t work the way I wanted it to :) Enjoy.

side braid: pull your hair back into a half-pony and braid it.

high bun: pull your hair up into a high pony. tease it, twist it, pin it into a bun.

messy braid: pull your hair into a pouf at the front. tease and braid the rest of the hair.

messy braided bun: follow messy braid directions and pin into a bun.

messy pony: pull hair into a pouf at the front. tease and pull into a mid-ponytail.

Twisted ponys: twist down the sides of your head into two ponytails.

twisted pony: twist down the side of your head into one pony.

Flower power: tired of the same ‘do over and over? brush hair across your forehead and pin with a flower or headband. “Bangs” look great on long faces.

messy low pony: pull hair into a messy low ponytail. tease with fingers and pull strands out of front.waterfall braid: waterfall braid down the side of your hair and pin in the back.

Hope you’ll put these styles to use! Have a good week :)