Weekend Writings: On Life… and Stuff…

The King and I is in full swing. Rehearsing every night this week. Which means, a) I get to see people, b) I get to do a great show, c) I have something every night, and d) I’m busy. Busy. Busy.

Plus, I have schoolwork and music stuff, etc, etc, and so forth. I don’t think it’ll be as stressful because I don’t have a test and 3 essays the week of the show like I did for the past 2 shows (thank goodness!)

My to-do list for the next month:

1. Watch Phantom of the Opera
2. exercise (with swimming over, I shall not be content to sit on my bum!)
3. purge my closet
4. practice violin more
5. practice being lady-like (as in: classy, Audrey Hepburn-esque :)
6. read 3 classics
7. read CS Lewis books
8. get my hair cut (?)


Have a nice weekend! and ReLaX! :)



Weekend Writings

Getting ready to go on a youth retreat for 2 and 1/2 days! I’m really excited! It’s going to be my first one since moving here!

Pray that God would work wonderfully in the youth and in the leaders.

Pray for safety and peace while we’re there.

Pray for me, because I’m sharing about a time that “God is great, so I don’t have to be in control.” I know I’ll mess up and I know it’s not perfectly written, and I only want people to see God, not me. I really, really don’t want people to see me speaking…haha… Pray that God would speak, not me. Also, that God would get all the glory, not me.

Pray that God would send His Spirit and make us come alive with passion for Him and His work.

Pray that God would make us know His presence and that we would feel him moving and working.

Pray for miraculous growth in our hearts.

Above all, pray that God would get all the glory for the work he does, and that we would get none, but give it all to him.