Travel Tuesdays: Thailand

Thailand seems really interesting to me. Partly because of the above picture and partly because the below picture.

Thailand is predominantly buddhist. This is especially heart-wrenching for me because of the musical I’m in, the King and I. There is one particular scene where the King is crying out to Buddha to help him, despairing of ruling correctly. That scene just gets me the most. I don’t know why. He is in despair, crying out to a false god who will not help him or give him any hope. It paints a real picture of what people in this world are stuck in. There are really people in this world who are despairing and crying out to buddha but getting no answer. They need the True Answer and they don’t know what it is.

After such a long-winded paragraph (sorry) I want to tell you a bit about Thailand. It’s pretty (duh) and there are some mountains and some plains. It’s a constitutional monarchy. It was formerly Siam, which is where the King and I is set. Thailand is also one of the world’s largest centers of human trafficking.

Because of its unique barriers and injustice, Thailand is a place to pray for. There are many people there that are oppressed and have no voice.

I want to give them a voice. I want to help people. I want to help them see that there is an Answer and a Rescue- Jesus.


Tuesday Travels: Vermont

For some reason, I really want to go to Vermont. Why? I have no clue. 

It’s one of the randomest places ever… I mean, Vermont? Why?

Well, it’s pretty.

and it’s northern.

and it’s population is the 2nd smallest state.

That’s pretty much all.